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Topic in Depth - Audio Mining (5)

Occasionally referred to as audio indexing, audio mining is a computerized task involving the processing of an audio file, extracting the dialog and creating a textual transcript, and searching the transcript for certain words or phrases.

Considering the amount of audio content on the Internet and other sources, it is clear that audio mining is a growing technology of growing importance.

Audio Mining: The Next Big Thing?
To get an idea of what audio mining is and how it can be used, people can read this article from the Cutter Consortium. It lists six broad areas that can benefit from using the technology and briefly discusses each one: technical support centers and help desks, call centers, broadcast media, conference managers,...

Let's Hear It for Audio MiningPDF
A detailed introduction is offered on the Leavitt Communications Web site. This article delves into how audio mining works by giving a basic technical understanding of the process. Approaches to audio mining are discussed, as well as how the technology works, performance, languages, and the challenges faced by...

Phonetic Searching Of Digital AudioPDF
A new method of searching an audio file, dubbed the "phonetic search engine," is compared to traditional methods in this white paper. The 10-page pdf document has images and graphs to illustrate the process and results. Topics covered include audio searching techniques, implementation of new search methods, as well...

From Multimedia Retrieval to Knowledge ManagementPDF
This publication from the Compaq Cambridge Research Laboratory discusses ways of collecting and analyzing information from an audio file. It also details the architecture for SpeechBot, a Web-based tool for multimedia retrieval, including the transcoders, speech recognition, metadata database, and user interface. The...

Voice Extensible Markup Language (VoiceXML) Version 2.0
The World Wide Web Consortium released this latest version of the Voice Extensible Markup Language, which could have applications for the audio mining community. The contents include an overview, dialog constructs, user input, system output, control flow and scripting, environment, and resources. There are also...

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