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Topic in Depth - Aerodynamics (9)

Aerodynamics is the study of what makes things go fast, right? More specifically, it’s the study of the interaction between bodies and the atmosphere. This topic in depth highlights some fun websites on the science of aerodynamics, for beginners to researchers.

If you’ve been watching Wimbeldon lately, you might have been wondering about the aerodynamics of tennis. Or maybe you were riding your bike the other day and wondering how you could pick up a little more speed next time. These sites can help explain.

Beginner's Guide to Aerodynamics
NASA's "Beginner's Guide to Aerodynamics" provides some general information on the basics of aerodynamics. The site allows users to explore at their own pace and level of interest. Some of the topics that are available here are: equations of motion, free falling, air resistance, force, gas properties, and...

Aerodynamics for Students
For those wanting a little more on the theory of aerodynamics, the University of Sydney has published this web textbook, "Aerodynamics for Students". In addition to information on fluid dynamics, flight theory, gas dynamics, propulsion, aircraft performance, and aeroelasticity, the textbook also includes data...

Principles of Aeronautics: Aerodynamics in Sports Equipment
Aerodynamics has applications in sports, such as tennis, sailing, and cycling. This website provides explanations, from The National Business Aviation Association, for sports applications whether you are a beginner in the study of aerodynamics or an instructor. Aeronautics principles are applied to many different...

Science of Cycling: Aerodynamics
This website, from the Exploratorium, reviews the aerodynamics of cycling. Wind resistance is often one of the biggest challenges that professional and amateur cyclists face. This site has a form that lets you "Calculate the Aerodynamic Drag and Propulsive Power of a Bicyclist". Use the form to calculate...

This site, AeroNet, is an interactive site designed to provide information about topics involved with aviation in a fun way for anyone casually interested in flight, someone thinking about aviation as a profession, or a student doing research for physics class. Some of the topics that you can explore On AeroNet's site...

Aerodynamics: The Mathematical Implications
This unit from the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute is "an attempt to develop a unit in mathematics that will provide topics for students interested in the aviation trades." The unit can be used to cover all areas of mathematics from areas in geometry sectors to basic addition of fraction and decimal numbers. These...

Aerospaceweb.org is a non-profit organization operated by engineers and scientists in the aerospace field who volunteer their time and services to create this website that provides "educational information on a variety of subjects ranging from aviation to space travel to weaponry." Visitors to the website can learn...

Re-Living the Wright Way
At this website, NASA provides users with many pages discussing the math and science of the Wright Brothers' aircraft as well as information that has been discovered since 1905. Physics students can find lots of materials on fundamental concepts such as Newton's laws, equilibrium, thermodynamics, basic aerodynamics,...

The National Institute for Aviation Research
The National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) at Wichita State University houses numerous laboratories conducting research and development, education, testing, certification, and technology transfer for the aviation industry. Current research includes Crashworthiness, Dynamic Seat Certification, Airframe Design...

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